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We want to reward your Spirit for participating in the advance sale!*


How does it work?

Each book** purchased (from this museum-shop website) will receive 1 raffle ticket. Every 250 books sold will have a drawing for 1 lucky winner. Your chance to win is great and never less than 1/250!

the winner will receive

  • one (1) fully paid return airline ticket New York-Amsterdam
  • Free transportation from Schiphol-airport to the city of Hoorn
  • A 5 day stay in the boutique hotel 'Le Petite Nord' in the center of Hoorn. 
  • free admission to the Westfries Museum and virtual tour of 17th century Hoorn
  • free admission and guided tour of the Half Moon 
  • A free guided tour of  the waters in and around Hoorn by the captain of the Half moon himself and Watertaxi Hoorn
Now is your chance to visit the Half Moon in the Netherlands!**

Improve your odds by buying more than one copy! Buy

The Spirit of the Half Moon is a great season’s gift.

Buy one copy for yourself and perhaps another four as a gift to friends.

This improves your odds to 1/50th.


Use the book as a corporate gift

The book with its dark blue, gold embossed cover and full-color dust cover, the high quality paper and gorgeous color photographs represents a unique gift for organizations with international interests.

For companies, museums, societies and clubs where the Spirit of Half Moon can represent the historic symbol of the mutual Dutch-American heritage and special friendship, the book forms an extraordinary gift for relations and clients


All proceeds of the book sale are for the New Netherland Museum, which has a 501 (c)(3) tax deductable status.Buy

* And we want to reward you for your patience; rest assured, we will ship your book(s) as soon as possible. First shipments are anticipated to be made before the middle of November, well in time for the gift season.

** At the full Recommended Retail Price listed on this website

***Actual desired departure date for the airline tickets to the Netherlands  needs to be communicated 3 months in advance to ensure availability.  The winners will be announced regularly.